19:00 | 2 March | Central House of Artists
Bryatz & Bach
The New Age of Balalaika
Concert agency "Music Bravo" presents:

"Bryatz" music band - balalaikas of the 21st century.

"We see a balalaika not only as a Russian folk instrument but as a musical instrument which allows you to perform any kind of music, classical included"

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Air - aria orchestral Suite #3 in D major (I. S. Bach, J. Lucier, Bryatz) #Bryatz
About as:
Bryatz band are the musicians who introduce new possibilities of a balalaika to the audience.
They have created their unique style of playing music by means of modern sound design technologies, genuine arrangements and groundbreaking ways to play balalaika.
"Bryatz" electric balalaika orchestra - original pieces of music: classical, world music, jazz, rock in contemporary arrangements and electronic sound!
Organizers of a concert:
Agency "MUSIC BRAVO", DENISOFFMUSIC, Concert Bureau of Ivan Shramkov

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